Vice-President of Community Engagement

My birth name is Antonio Quinones my rebirthed name is Q. I am married to Heidi Quinones, a Godly woman who has gone to hell and back for me. We have been married for 21years so far. We have been blessed with my baby girl Miss Myan. Who has turned my life upside down and sideways watch out she will be a world changer! Then 7 years ago we were able to adopt a young man whom we have invested in, William. We have the privilege to share life together with his two Boys Kendrick and Kyrie.

I was never really into Church. I knew of it and I thought I liked what it represented, but I never really went all in. So, when I found out who Jesus and what he did for me, my life has never been the same! I can honestly say, I owe Him my life. I have spent some time in the streets and when someone spares your life, you are indebted to them forever. I have taken this philosophy and applied it to my everyday life. There is nowhere I go that the Lord has not prepared for me to walk. My prayer for the people who read this is that they will experience the Jesus I have. When our paths cross, I will have an amazing story to share with you when we meet! God Bless you. Q



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